Asunder (2021)

ASUNDER: Olivia, a trainee professional, finds herself opposing the government who are criminalising her mother. (14 min).

  • Writer & Director: Janet Marrett
  • Producer: Nicola Gregory
  • Principal cast: Kemi Awoderu
  • Director of Photography: Korsshan Schlauer
  • Casting: Heather Basten
  • Editor: Marnie Hollande
  • Composer: Pablo Scopinaro
  • Production Design: Taslima Kahn
  • Sound Design: Rich Evans
  • Colourist: Mark Slobodian
  • Cast: Joyce Grey-Carter, Nicola Alexis, Angie Amra Anderson, Lewis Sycamore, Julia Lacey, Sue Swallow, Michael John-Day, David Toso, Simone McIntyre
  • Festivals: Women X 2021, BAFTA-qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2021. CineOdyssey Film Festival 2021, World Cinema Film Festival 2021
  • Awards: Best Writing nomination Women X2021, Best Performance Women X 2021

Clearing (2020)

CLEARING: At 18 Kaila knows what she wants but finds herself struggling to stay motivated following a serious incident. Starring BAFTA-nominated Jasmine Jobson from Netflix’s Top Boy (13 min 20 sec).

  • Writer, Director & Producer: Janet Marrett
  • Principal cast: Jasmine Jobson
  • Director of Photography: Korsshan Schlauer
  • Editor: Emily Jo West
  • Composer: Bankey Ojo
  • Production Design: Isobel Power-Smith
  • Sound Design: Arron Emo-Travers
  • Colourist: Philipp Morozov
  • Cast: Nicola Alexis, Anu Jaiyeola, Helena Tang-Grosso, Yannick Budd, Faraz M. Khan, Drou Constantinou, Xavien Russell
  • Festivals: Festival de Cannes, Court Métrage Short Film Corner 2020, Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2020 (BAFTA-qualifying), Emerging Filmmaker Network Film Festival 2020, London X4 Autumn 2020 Film Festival, Women of the Lens Festival 2020, The South London Film Festival 2020, WorldFest - Houston International Film Festival 2021, Downtown Urban Arts Festival - NYC 2021, Special Mention from UK Seasonal Short Film Festival 2020, Honours List for Women X Festival 2020, Black Lens Film Festival 2021, Accra Indie Filmfest 2021
  • Awards: Best UK Short at London X4 Film Festival, Best Director at London X4 Film Festival, Platinum REMI Award (WorldFest Houston), Finalist for The South London Film Festival, Special Jury Mention Short of the Year Winter 2021, Best Actress Accra Indie Filmfest 2021

Kindred (2019)

A beautiful and heart-warming social drama of Esther, a UK woman of Nigerian heritage estranged from her family because of her relationship with an English man. Esther is forced to mend this painful 8-year rift. The story addresses the difficulty experienced by ethnically diverse patients needing matching bone marrow donors. (17 min 58 sec).

  • Director & Producer: Janet Marrett
  • Screenwriters: Naomi Grant & Janet Marrett
  • Principal cast: Emilyne Mondo
  • Director of Photography: Lee Burnett
  • Editor: Emily Jo West
  • Composer: Bankey Ojo
  • Sound Design: Rich Evans
  • Colourist: Karl Barnes-Dallas
  • Cast: Andrea Hall, Anthony Kaye, Oliver Rednall, Skyla-Chi Khamjani-Wilson, Greg David Monga, Luis Amália
  • Festivals: Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2019, WorldFest Houston International Film Festival 2019, Women of African Descent Film Festival 2019, British Urban Film Festival 2019, People of Colour - The international Cultural Exchange 2020, Black Lives Matter by CPIFF 2020, Accra Indie Film Fest 2020, Silicon Valley African Film Festival 2020, Lincoln Park Music Festival 2020 and Gary International Black film Film Festival 2020, Black Lens Film Festival 2021
  • Awards: Gold REMI from WorldFest Houston, Diaspora Film Award Finalist from Silicon Valley African Film Festival


Janet Marrett is a Writer Director for film & the Founder of Mediathirsty Productions. She is experienced producing and directing independent films as well as campaign, heritage and marketing films.

Janet is passionate about featuring diverse ethnicities on film. She is a huge fan of realist dramatic styles and is inspired by filmmakers like Steve McQueen, Asghar Farhadi, Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, Barry Jenkins, Amma Asante and Andrea Arnold amongst many others. BFI NETWORK X BAFTA CREW.



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